Body Stick- 24"


The Body massage stick is popular among customers for it's longer length giving you the ability to massage larger muscle groups like the upper back, lower back and glutes. 

Each Body Stick comes with a proprietary flexible core, ergonomic and firm handles, and 15 freely rolling spindles.


  • Overall Length: 24"
  • Handle Length: 4"
  • Spindle Section Length: 16"
  • Number of Spindles: 15

Massage Stick Size Comparison

Little Stick (14")

Muscle Groups: Small Muscle Groups- Neck, Upper & Lower Legs

Travel Friendly: Yes

Overall Length: 14"

Handle Length: 4"

Spindle Section Length: 6"

Number of Spindles: 6

Travel Stick (18")

Muscle Groups: Small to Mid Muscle Groups- Legs, Neck, Glutes

Travel Friendly: Yes

Overall Length: 18"

Handle Length: 5"

Spindle Section Length: 8"

Number of Spindles: 8

Body Stick (24")

Muscle Groups: Large Muscle Groups- Upper & Lower Back, Glutes

Travel Friendly: No

Overall Length: 24"

Handle Length: 4"

Spindle Section Length: 16"

Number of Spindles: 15

Stiff Stick (24")

Muscle Groups: Large Muscle Groups- Upper & Lower Back, Glutes

Travel Friendly: No

Overall Length: 24"

Handle Length: 5"

Spindle Section Length: 14"

Number of Spindles: 12

Why Should You Be Rolling?

Without proper recovery, sore muscles can lose their ability to function, resulting in soreness, fatigue, or even worse, injury.

There are multiple ways to combatant that, from foam rolling, stretching, or applied pressure muscle relief such as massage therapy and trigger point release.

The Massage Stick easily accomplishes both the rolling aspect of muscle recovery, and the applied pressure muscle relief, keeping it a quick and simple part of your day.

Whether it is after a long day at work, after a hard training session, or a long travel day, muscle recovery is essential for mind and body performance.

Why the Flex?

We specifically designed the core of the Body Stick to be firm, yet flexible. This allows the stick to contour to your muscles so you can evenly apply your ideal amount of pressure, giving you more effective results.

Don't fear the flex. While the Massage Sticks are flexible they are extremely durable and snap resistant!

Trusted By Professionals

Whether you are stepping up your recovery routine or incorporating it into your warm-ups, EVERY athlete can benefit from the Massage Stick.

Discover for yourself why the Massage Stick has been a trusted tool recommended and used by Olympic Teams, Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors and Physical Therapists in their conditioning and rehabilitation programs for years.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Leslie Wallace
Body stick the Best!

Live this Stick! It’s my go to prior it a run or working out and it’s my favorite for my physical therapy clients as well. All my clients who use them love how easy it is to use. The flexibility of the blue handled stick is nice to wrap around the body.
So glad to see it being produced again!

Diane Krieger
Thank you!

So happy I found y'all, this is the product I know and love.


Fast Shipping and exactly what I needed. Recommended by my PT and I love it.

Joseph S.
Just like the Original

When they say it is the Original Stick they aren't kidding. This is just as good, if not better than it used to be. Love the flex!