In 1989, Chiropractic doctor, Pat Belcher founded Relaxacizor Products Inc (RPI) and invented the first ever handheld massage device -- "The Stick".  With tremendous success, "The Stick" became the first and #1 selling massage rolling device on the market and has subsequently held that title for over 30 years. Sadly, Dr. Belcher passed away in 2016 and RPI officially closed their business in early 2023.

The manufacturing team, having produced "The Stick" over the last 20 years was devastated by the loss of such a revered founder and then again with the closure of the business he created. The goal of our manufacturing and distribution is to continue the legacy and provide our customers with a quality product that is an essential addition to an active lifestyle. That is why we have restarted production of "The Stick" and have aptly named it -- The Original Stick.

The Original Stick is the same product that has been the consumers' favorite for 30 years -- only with a new name. We truly appreciate your support over the years and are excited for what the future holds.